The Jacksboro Public Library currently uses the Spectrum 5 circulation system software.  Annually, the library averages 30,000 checkouts.  Circulation desk personnel handle material checkout/in/renewal, answer reference questions, collect print fees, make copies, register patrons to vote, hand out income tax forms, as well as offer friendly help locating material or obtaining a library card.


The Library offers public access computers for patrons to access the Internet or perform other computer-related tasks.  Patrons must agree to out Acceptable Use Polices prior to using the computer.  Internet access is available to minors whose parents or guardians are in the library.


Although small in physical area (2,250 sq. ft.) the Jacksboro Library meets or exceeds all criteria in the 'State Minimum Standards' for libraries of this size and hosts a quality collection of approximately 15,000 pieces of material.  Collection development guidelines and subscription programs aid in keeping material current and useful. 


Children will find material shelved on their level for easy access and viewing.  Our juvenile area contains age appropriate books and magazines.  Reading material in this area ranges from selections for the very young non-reader to high school age readers.


The library attempts to keep the reference section current with works published during the last five years.  Generally, reference volumes are for in-library use as the collection is vital to basic research, contains multiple volume sets, which would be rendered useless if one were lost and also contains irreplaceable genealogy titles.


Our paperback area contains over 2,500 titles and is divided into marked sections for classics, terror, male authors, female authors, westerns, science fiction, fantasy and inspirational romance.  Within each division, books are shelved alphabetically by the author's last name.


Audio books are categorized as adult, young adult or juvenile and are shelved likewise alphabetically by the author's last name.  A quality collection of read-alongs (book with cassette) and youth CD software is also available.  The library also has a collection of musical CDs as well.  


Non-print material is becoming quite popular with library patrons and new selections via purchase or donation are added monthly.  DVDs/videos are categorized as entertainment, informational, child or performance and are shelved likewise alphabetically according to title.


Although the serials budge is limited, the library receives over 30 magazine titles on a regular subscription basis as well as many complimentary titles.  The library does not restrict circulation of current issues nor does the library maintain a collection of back issues of titles received.