What is community support?  Community support is a traditional part of a library's support program.  Community support is provided by citizens interested in books and libraries and who want to assist the library in achieving its goals.

With community support donations the Jacksboro Public Library is able to provide funding for projects not normally covered by existing budgets.  Community donations are used to provide and improve library resources and services, to support professional development for the library staff, provide children's programming such as the Summer Reading Program and provide funds for equipment purchases and needed supplies.

Community supporters share a passion for our library and our community and they desire to help us meet our present challenges as well as future ones.  Supporters believe investments in collections and information technologies are essential to preserve the records of past scholarship and to guarantee the availability of these materials for future generations. 

With the help of our Community supporters we are able to enhance learning and the discovery of new knowledge for the children in our area.


Contributions and Donations.  Contributions and donations are used to purchase items for every area of the library.  Our main source of special projects funding is you, the community we serve.  We depend upon your contributions and donations.  The library welcomes donations of books, magazines, DVDs, VHS tapes, audio cassettes, CDs and computer software that is in good condition.  All donated items are reviewed for addition to the collection using collection development guidelines and polices.  Items not added to the collection will be sold and this also benefits the library.  Please understand the library is under no obligation to add donated items to the collection or notify the donor of the disposition of the items.  All donated material should be brought to the library.  Donation receipts are available on library letterhead paper and signed by the librarian or staff member.  However, the donor must assign the value of the donated items.