Overdues & Fines


Library patrons have an obligation to respect the rights of others by returning library material on time.  It is expected that each borrower will ensure that all materials signed out are returned in good condition on or before the due date.

A library patron to whom an item is checked out is responsible for that item whether it is lost, damaged or overdue.  Loaning items to others does not affect the responsibility of the borrower. 

For the purpose of the calculation of late charges, an overdue item is deemed 'one not returned on or before its due date'.  In order to promote the equitable and responsible use of all library material, the Jacksboro Public Library charges fines for overdue, damaged or lost material according to the following schedule:

All books and magazines $0.10 per day per item
Videos / DVDs $1.00 per day per video / DVD
Lost or damaged material $5.00 plus cost of material


How to avoid fines: 

  • Return items on time
  • Renew items on or before the due date by telephone (423) 562-3785, by email library@jacksboropubliclibrary.org or in person at the library.
  • Make a note of the due date in a diary or on a calendar.
  • Don't lend items to anyone else and don't borrow from others.  If you do, you are responsible for the material until it is returned.
  • Fill in a change-of-address from if you move.

Library privileges may be suspended / blocked for the following reasons:

  • Having overdue materials.
  • Any unpaid fine or library charge for lost or damaged material.
  • An incorrect address when library notices are returned as undeliverable.

Library privileges will be restored when all overdue materials have been returned and all outstanding fines and / or fees have been paid.  Non-receipt of notices does not relieve a patron of any fines or fees incurred.